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45 auto ammo

Location: Phoenix

Publish Date: 21-06-20 / Ammunition

1500 rds 45 auto 230gr. 600$

5 Boxes of FIOCCHI 380 Auto 95 hrs fmj + 10 rounds Atomic HP $160.00

Location: Phoenix

Publish Date: 15-07-20 / Ammunition

FIOCCHI 380 Auto 95 grain FMJ 5 Boxes + 10 Atomic 90 grain Match Grade Defense HP Rounds Selling for $160 Thanks for Looking  Please text me at 4802620742,   I don't get email responses.

7.62x54R $220.00

Location: Phoenix

Publish Date: 27-06-20 / Firearm Accesories

One spam can of 7.62x54r Russian ammo. 440 rounds. 

Aguila 22LR Interceptor 40 Grain Copper Plated Hollow Point 500 rounds @ az6guns $55.00

Location: Phoenix

Publish Date: 09-07-20 / Ammunition

Aguila 22LR Ammunition 1B222321 Interceptor 40 Grain Copper Plated Hollow Point 500 rounds The Aguila 22 LR Interceptor is an ultra-premium high velocity copper plated solid point that travels at a blazing 1,470 feet per…

Aguila Silver Eagle HV .22 Mag Ammunition 40 Grain SJ SP 1875fps 500 rd Brick $130.00

Location: Phoenix

Publish Date: 11-07-20 / Ammunition

The Aguila Silver Eagle Series Line is designed with the varmint hunter or pest control specialist in mind. This particular load is the Aguila .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire which is a high velocity load featuring a…

Ammo for sale

Location: Phoenix

Publish Date: 21-06-20 / Ammunition

Ammo reloading components for sale THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMO!!!!! 1k primed 556 brass 175$ 220 GR Sierra 300 blkout spire point projectiles (2 500 rd boxes left) 250$ a box 8 lbs Hodgdon 300 blackout powder for subsonic…

AR-10 V Seven 16" Harbringer 308 Rifle $3,399.99

Location: Arizona

Publish Date: 30-06-20 / Rifles

I put only 50 rounds through this rifle is basically brand new. I am willing to negotiate the price.  V SEVEN Upper Parts: Harbinger 7075 T6 aluminum upper receiver Magnesium Hyper-light 15” KeyMod or M-LOK handguard w/grade…

AR15 223 Wylde. New $1,300.00

Location: Phoenix

Publish Date: 05-07-20 / Rifles

Brand new never fired Semi built Details in pics Thank you No ammo or mags included, gone already 

AR47 complete upper W/BCG +3 mags $400.00

Location: Arizona

Publish Date: 12-07-20 / Firearms

DETAILS AR47 16" CARBINE-LENGTH 7.62X39 1/10 CLASSIC UPPER - WITH BCG AND CH Fits standard AR 15 lower 16" Barrel length Chrome moly vanadium barrel Nitride Finish 7.62 x 39mm Chamber 1 in 10" twist rate F-marked Front…

B.S Fake Adds (914) 266-2406 $450.00

Location: Phoenix

Publish Date: 28-06-20 / Firearms

B.S Fake Adds (914) 266-2406, was (323) 362-2914, then (559) 715-1538. He'll "ship" you the gun after he "confirms" payment. A real P.O.S that you will never see anything from. It's a Google number that is easily canceled.