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Thin wall bearing
In order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity and good rotation accuracy of the bearings, steel balls with small outer diameters are used. The use of hollow shafts ensures light weight and wiring space. The thin-walled bearing realizes a very thin bearing cross section, and also realizes the miniaturization and weight reduction of the product. The variety of products expands its range of uses.
Maintenance steps of Thin wall bearing
1. Remove the wheels first, and remember to close the screws.
2. Remove the bearing. The core of some wheels is very tight. It is difficult to remove the bearing. Use a hexagon wrench (the one that removes the screw) to dig it hard. Rest assured that the bearing is not easy to break!
3. Use the toothbrush to wipe off the dirt on the surface of the Palin.
4. The side cover of some bearings is detachable, while others are not. First determine whether it is detachable. If there is a C-shaped ring on the edge of the bearing side cover, it is detachable, and if it is not, it is not detachable.
5. If it is removable, use a slotted precision screwdriver to pry the C ring in the gap of the C ring, and then remove the side cover. Just remove one side, the C ring and the side cover should be put away.
6. If it is not removable, use a destructive method. Use a precision screwdriver to reach into the seam of the side cover, pry up the side cover firmly, and just remove one side.
7. Remove all the side covers of the bearings, and you can start washing. Pour the oil into the bowl and throw the bearings down and stir.Non-standard Bearing manufacturers

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