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Published 29-09-20


Seabuckthorn Oil
Seabuckthorn oil includes seabuckthorn fruit oil and seabuckthorn seed oil. Seabuckthorn fruit oil is the oil obtained from the pulp of seabuckthorn by pressing. Seabuckthorn seed oil is the oil obtained from the seed of seabuckthorn. Seabuckthorn oil contains most of the fat soluble components of seabuckthorn fruit. It contains higher unsaturated fatty acids, the total content of VE can reach 200mg/100g, the total content of carotenoids is more than 180mg/100g, and it also contains more than 160 kinds of bioactive substances such as anthocyanin and quercetin.
Production license: QS5101 0201 0334
Executive standard: Q / CHX0002s-2013
China Japan agreement standard (seabuckthorn fruit oil specification and test method)
Package specification: 5kg / bottle 脳 4 bottles / box (bottle)
Export Registration No.: 5100ZS005
Functions And Benefits:
1. It has anticancer activity and obvious auxiliary therapeutic effect. Taking sea buckthorn oil before chemotherapy can obviously reduce the toxicity of anticancer drugs to blood and adverse reactions of digestive tract, increase the appetite of patients, prevent and treat peptic ulcer caused by chemotherapy, and improve the immunity of the body. The effect of taking sea buckthorn oil 1-2 weeks before chemotherapy is better. External application of radiotherapy patients can greatly reduce the damage of radiotherapy to human body, and internal administration can reduce the adverse reactions during radiotherapy.
2. Anti aging and immunity enhancement. Seabuckthorn oil has the function of delaying senility and preventing lipid peroxidation. Compared with taking the same amount of VE, seabuckthorn oil is better than ve. At the same time, Hippophae rhamnoides oil can regulate cellular immunity and humoral immunity at multiple levels.
3. Radiation resistance. The results showed that Hippophae rhamnoides oil has protective effect on acute radiation, and has obvious protective effect on important visceral organs, such as heart, spleen, liver, lung and bone marrow. It has the effect of protecting hematopoietic organs and recovering the function of hematopoietic organs.
4. Anti inflammatory and myogenic. Seabuckthorn oil has a very obvious therapeutic effect on oral ulcer and gastric ulcer. Oral ulcer must be applied on the wound surface. It is better to take the fruit orally on an empty stomach for gastric ulcer. It has a good therapeutic effect on all kinds of trauma (external application), such as burn, scald, knife injury, bedsore, cervical erosion, cervicitis and so on. Especially in the treatment of scald, it can not only relieve pain but also leave no scar.
5. Beauty and skin care.
6. Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.Plant Extract suppliers

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