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Publisher hdjvy5
Published 15-06-20


Anti-Tilt Safety Lock (LST Series)

Anti-Tilt Type Safety Lock (LST)
1. Safety Standard: EN1808
2. The Fall-arrest device, which is closed when the platform exceeds 3º - 8º
3. The LST is designed for long platforms with end stirrups.
4. As to sure ensure your Suspend working equipment for lining personnel or loads is safe. Safety locks meet the most exacting safety requirements and can be easily adapted to numerous types of applications.
This type of LST series safety lock is an automatic slack wire rope safety device which can only be used on a secondary safety wire rope positioned parallel to the suspension wire rope.
When the hoist and LST series safety lock are mounted on a stirrup which is rigidly connected to the platform, LST series not only protects against failure of the hoist and the main wire rope but also against excessive slope of the platform. To ensure operation of this LST, the distance between the upper suspension points has to be 100 mm.
The LST series safety lock operates automatically when there is slack wire rope, caused either by breaking of the wire rope or there being no load.
It provides anti-sloping protection, limiting the incline of the platform to a maximum of 8deg.
Rated Load630kg800kg1000kg
Wire Rope Diameter8.3mm8.6mm8.6mm
Locking Distance

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