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Published 08-02-21


This Fallout 15 is made by the famous Black Rain Ordinance chambered in 5.56 with 16" Stainless fluted barrel.

Comes with -
Magpul adjustable buttstock $49
Upgraded Black Rain handguard $215
Stainless steel FLUTED barrel $388
Medieval torture device, I mean barbed Stainless muzzle device $149

Since I am not sure what the original Fallout 15 came with, those are just the way cool upgrades I can find on the website. There may be more. I have not had time to fire this one but it does come with the coolest stainless muzzle device, I have ever seen. It is sharp on the front end, IF I were a rioter I would get the - POINT. Pun intended. Definitely reminds me of a medieval torture device - WICKED!!! I have not had time to fire this one, bore looks very very good.

You can reach me via this email: [email protected]

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