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Publisher Jared Mulhern
Published 31-03-21
Cave Creek


When you are entrusting a item or cash in someone you don't know with the hopes they complete the deal, you are putting in some risk.

How To Detect Scammers.
1.  Ask for pictures of the Bore, Rear of Stock, Manufacturer Markings, or something they don't have pictured.  They will avoid it and just repeat some line about completing the sale with you.  Use a reverse image search site to check if the pictures are posted elseware.
2.  Require them to talk to you in voice on the phone.  Be racist.... by that i mean if they sound East Indian or not American just tell them you are no longer interested.  If they refuse to talk for some goofy reasons like they are deaf and dumb, its a scammer.  Trust me.  If someone can't hold a 10 minute conversation about a firearm and maybe how the weather is in another state they are not worth trusting either.
3.  If they type like this.And use no spaces after periods.Then they are not from the United States.And they don't understand western puncuation.They are from China,India,or Africa.If they use odd word phrases like"complete the sale"they are not from America and english isn't their first language. 
4.  If they send you FFL information look at the name on it and any contact information.  Locate the FFL if you can online through facebook or site and reach out to them through a email that FFL has officially posted or a phone # they have posted.  A Michigan based FFL shouldn't have a Hawaiian area code.  
5.  If the deal is TOO GOOD make sure you check ever box above before you go for it.  Yes i have seen a IMI Galil for 600 bucks(original preban) and I missed it because I asked too many questions.  The guy had no idea what it was and just wanted some quick cash, it happens.  The chance of finding that good of deals is super slim.  People will use Gunbroker or Armslist to get a idea of value usually.  There is no WW1 Colt 1911s that go for 600 dollars.  It's a scam.

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