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Publisher thebig15llc
Published 03-01-21


This Marling 1894 SBL is chambered in the hard hitting .44 magnum. Has the XL Loop so you can go all Chuck Conners in "Rifleman" on it. The previous owner added a leather sleeve on the loop, I assume so your hand would not hit cold metal in a winter hunt. Personally, I think it looks cool. The rear sight- top portion only has been removed (see pic 23), I assume to mount an optic. Since these are still made, I am sure you can pick one up from Marlin for a few dollars, if you want. Most of us are going to mount an optic on it anyway.
Bore looks very very good. I have not had time to shot this one. I assume the threaded barrel was a custom order, as it does not show that on the website. And before I get this question, I have no idea for they thread count or anything else. Since it says Marlin on the barrel ask them, they made it. This is one BAD ass firearm so you can tape into your inner "Rifleman".

The firearm was made in 2018.

It is a 16" barrel

NO "JM" or "REM" stamp on the barrel.

Dealer: 915-247-2159

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